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The KalaAnantarupah Media Labs Leadership Stage Mime Training brings the power of the arts and humanities to show you how you can create a high performance culture through inspirational engagement.

We bring our unique range of experience and an unrivalled resource of outstanding talent to bear on the process of connecting our students with the true but hitherto untapped potential within themselves and the teams. It is a unique theatrical training ground for students interested in becoming actors, singers, dancers,mime artists,clowns or voice artist.It benefits many different categories of people, all of whom find their lives permanently enriched as a result. There are others wishing to work in remedial teaching or with the disabled and emotionally disturbed. And there are those, who in search of themeselves, find the entire period an invaluable time of self-exploration.We are agile in ensuring that the learning we offer focuses on effectiveness as well as on personal growth.Our approach is guided by the criteria of High Performance Behaviours.

The KalaAnantarupah Media Labs Leadership Stage Mime Training offers a rare opportunity to study diversity of theatre arts under one roof during the entire period of training. We help leadership stage students towards fresh thinking, courageous authenticity,and deeper emotional empathy.The acquire the physical skills and awareness with which to build confidence and communicate a compelling vision.The subjects taught include expressive mime, illusionary mime, commedia dell' arte,make up, voice production, acting,ballet and creative leadership technique.

Goals of this study:-
  (1) Develop Awareness of self through refined physicalization
  (2) Sharpen the ability to express ideas through movement
  (3) Cultivate better silent communication on stage.
  (4) Increase Confidence through better physical flexibility and 
         the ability to adapt to different physical styles
  (5) Help the Artist to be more creative in the physical nuances 
         involved in the creation of a character.

The purpose of Thiyagarajakumar's expressive Leadership Stage Mime training is to develop maximum expressiveness in all performing artists. As such, every student is related to on a one to one basis so that his or her latent abilities can be subsequently discovered and nurtured.They want to invest in an experience that can improve and potentially transform how an individual leads, and that can increase bandwidth of inspirational engagement and leadership throughout their work.The results of this training have been extraordinary, not only for the minority of students who enter the course with already cultivated skills,but also for the student who arrives with little or no training and or/feelings or inhibition. All students blossom in the atmosphere of careful correction and positive encouragement.

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Thiyagarajakumar BTech,Mba,Mbl,Sap,Pmp,Ph.D
Director-KalaAnantarupah Media Labs
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