Monday, January 2, 2012

KalaAnantarupah Group's -2011 Leadership Stage Program

1.Trained:- 11592 Peoples(From Age 2 to 63Years) 
   Leadership Stage Through arts ( Mime-Dance-Music-Art) Training Program

2.Entertained:- 83783 Peoples(From Age 2 to 98Years ) 
   Through our Leadership Stage Arts Performance and Filmmaking 

3.Performed :- 358 Shows - Mime-Dance-Music-puppetry-Variety

4.Placed :- 4794 Peoples – In Different Industry – different part of the world

We are World's No.1 Best Certified 
*Acting-Mime-Theatre-clown-puppetry-Dance-Music-Art & Craft Training Company 
*No.1World's Best Leadership Stage Mime Theatre Performing Company 
* Film(future and feature) Production-Marketing-Advertisement-Distribution company 
* Leadership Stage -Soft Skills-Motivational- Training Company
* Opportunity provider for Actor-Actress-Clown-Theatre artist-Cinematographer-Editor- Dubbing Artist-Mimicry Artist-musicians
* no.1 Best Event Management Company
* Recruitment Specialist
* * Business-financial Consulting Company
* Art Social Media Channel provider
* Tech Development and consulting company


KalaAnantarupah Group Director Mr.Thiyagarajakumar Ph.D in Mime-Theatre Arts Quantitative Research, Evaluation, and Measurement(QREM) 

Created a Leadership Stage Mime Theatre and through arts training program

Created a Leadership Stage for Filmmakers Program


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