Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jobs @ KalaAnantarupah's Leadership Stage Mime Theater

KalaAnantarupah's Leadership stage Mime Theater 

Job Description for KalaAnantarupah's Leadership stage Mime Theater Training Tour 2012-2013 Season

KalaAnantarupah's Leadership stage Mime Theate, Bangalore-Chennai, seeks 20 Male and 20 Female Mime  Theater artist, all ethnicities for our Non-equity regional Educational Leadership Stage  Training Tour Project.
Contract from July 13th 2012 to April 13th 2013, with possible 2 week extension. Work is demanding and requires great dedication-must have interest and passion for working with children and adults.
Must be willing to relocate  to Bangalore,India. 

I. Mime Theater Acting:-
 * Perform in KalaAnantarupah's Leadership Stage Mime Theatre Training Tour Productions, which travel to area schools, colleges, companies, and community groups.
 * Mime  Theater artist must play teen to adults, varying roles.
 * The Company performs 7-8Shows in repertory
 * Opportunities to understudy in selected Main Leadership Stage shows if appropriate roles are available.

II. WOrkshops
  * Conduct post-play discussions after each performance
  * COnduct workshops in area schools,colleges, as part of KalaAnantarupah's Leadership Stage Education and Outreach program.

III.Production Support

  * Responsible for daily operation of touring productions: driving, set-up, strike and laundry.
  * Must be able to lift maximum of 10 to 15kgs for 100 ft.

IV. Equity Membership campaigner

Leadership Stage Training Tour Mime  Theater artist may participate, if role is appropriate, in the Equity Membership Candidate program
in accordance with the current equity rules. Participants accumulate one week of credit for each of week of understudying,
performing, or rehearsing Main Leadership Stage productions.Participation in the EMC program DOES NOT GUARANTEE Equity Membership.  Leadership Stage Training Tour Mime Theatre Artists are invited to understudy at the discretion of the KalaAnantarupah's Leadership Stage 
artistic staff. Not all  Leadership Stage Training Tour Mime  Theater artist understudy all productions.

V. Dates / Salary
Terms of contract :- Company is in residence July 13th 2012 to April 13th 2013, with possible 2 week extension.

Rehearsals :- Full-time, 6days per week rehearsal/5days per week performing, Leadership Stage Mime Theatre Actors
may not hold 2nd jobs during the rehearsal period. Salary:-  Rs.20000 per Month. with 50% health benefits in KalaAnantarupah's Leadership Stage Health plan.

VI. Housing
Leadership Stage Mime Theater actors must reside in Bangalore for the term of employment. KalaAnantarupah's Leadership Stage staff advises in locating housing.
Local Bangalore residents may commute if they have reliable and independent transportation.

Please send your profile, photos, video links to us immediately:-



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