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Leadership Stage Kids - Phaalguni bhardwaj in boogie woogie partner round


Leadership Stage Kids - Phaalguni bhardwaj in boogie woogie

Achivement :-
* Participant of Boogie-woogie 2008, * Runner-up of Boogie-woogie 2009-2010. * Winner of online Dance competation. * Winner of Dance competation "Malhaar" Organised by Amar-Ujala 2010. * Winner of Dance competation "Rock the India" Organised by Amar-Ujala
2011. * Won Silver Medal in All India Dance Sports Federation India

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About Leadership Stage :-
Thiyagarajakumar BTech,MBA,MBL,SAP,PMP,PH.D
He has done his Ph.d in mime and theatre, Ph.d in Quantiative Research,Evaluation and Measurement (QREM) in Education Policy and Leadership.He has developed and investigates the Leadership Stage through Arts(Dance-music- mime-theatre-art-craft-visual arts-creative arts) training and management program.


• To contribute to scholarly inquiry and support educational practice at related areas of the education institutes.

• To prepare the students as Leaders with expertise in QREM.

• To complement the methodological and professional offerings of the School of educational policy and Leadership

• Applied measurement in elementary,secondary and  college education within the context of program,product, or personnel evaluations, with are on validity evidences for the use of instruments,fairness in testing, and program effectiveness.

• Statistical methods, with an emphasis on single and multilevel generalized linear models, evaluation of professional development and health/education interventions, particularly for decease prevention; secondary analysis of large-scale databases, capacity building for community –based organizations, translate evidence –based interventions.

• Applied measurement and assessment,with an emphasis on validity analysis and testing as an educational reform lever, evaluation of educational program for underprivileged children and families ; innovate research methods and testing.

• Expanding knowledge in education

• The founding of KalaAnantarupah Media Labs Leadership Stage Mime Theatre, a successful India personal growth and empowerment company, is based on legend Thiyagarajakumar, the Leadership Stage Mime nonverbal communication master, developing his cutting edge "Leadership Stage Messages Inside the Mime" seminars to help improve the verbal and nonverbal communication (body language) skills of people from all walks of life and occupational backgrounds.

• Legend Thiyagarajakumar is a recognized speaker, teacher, writer and trainer, a 15-year leading media sales executive and accomplished stage actor, mime and singer. Throughout his career, he has used his experience, triumphs and achievements to motivate and inspire his peers in entertainment and broadcast media marketing. After so many years in media marketing.

• Thiyagarajakumar, through his company, KalaAnantarupah Media Labs Leadership Stage Mime Theatre, has developed an exciting new vision of how to empower people and businesses to reach greater potentials through leadership Stage nonverbal communication awareness training, a unique take on body language understanding. With his background, being a professional Mimer and years of using body language in media marketing; Thiyagarajakumar brings originality to his keynote speeches, workshops and seminars. His perspective on body language awareness is topical and humorous!! He uses an interactive approach with a sense of excitement and fun to increase people's sense of self-worth and the power of their inherent verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Thiyagarajakumar's workshops are an epiphany for people. They teach individuals and companies the nonverbal tools and techniques they need to develop new mind sets to create new possibilities in their lives, be more productive in their personal and business lives. For individuals and companies that learn and employ these skill sets, the results personally and to the bottom line are phenomenal.

• Leadership Stage Skill: You know where to go

KalaAnantarupah Media labs Workshops/ seminars Presents Leadership Stage Mime Theatre Awareness Skill( Self Employed )

Leadership Stage Mime Theatre Awareness Skill is an awareness enhancing workshop presented through KalaAnantarupah Media Labs Seminars by Thiyagarajakumar. These workshops are designed to bring more optimism, power of vision, expansion of personal horizons, encouragement, practical prosperity, hope, mindfulness, inner peace and happiness to people who desire empowerment in a time of challenge and change. Leadership Stage Awareness tools from meditation and journaling to prayer and journeying will be discussed and expanded upon. Don't miss this life-changing workshop.


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