Friday, January 11, 2013

Innovative Leadership Stage Concept (Viswaroopam DTH) created uncertainty?

Innovative Leadership Stage Concept (Viswaroopam DTH) created uncertainty?

We don't like uncertainty. It’s not comfortable.

We want Innovation. We need New Ideas. We like Creativity. It’s engaging..

But you know, An Innovative idea always creates uncertainty. So while we say we want creativity, new ideas and innovation in our film making-MAD or any industrial area we often reject it because it is new, different and risky. It takes us to places that we are not familiar with and places where we don't have all the answers. The irony is that while we say like innovation we develop a deep bias against it.

Interestingly, Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy's research based leadership stages concept states that "Anti -Creativity bias is so subtle that people are unaware of it, which can interfere with their ability to recognize a creative idea/concept in their respective field". In other words ,Our aversion to uncertainty means we find it difficult to even recognize a creative new idea when we see it, focused it, as well are on removing the risky, uncomfortable strain on the status in which.

Consequently, new ideas are often rejected out in-hand in favor of the tried and trusted at times when we need new ideas the most. This resistance is so strong at times that even supporting objective evidence may not help break down barriers.

The Leadership stage concept implementation study includes, "Our results show that regardless of how open minded people are, when they feel motivated to reduce 

uncertainty either because they have an immediate goal of reducing uncertainty, or feel uncertain generally, this may bring negative associations with creativity to mind which result in lower evaluations of a creative idea".

If you want to change the World of Cinema or any industry, get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy's Innovative Leadership Stage concept created uncertainty? 

Creativity Changes the Status in which, but it we want to grow and develop we have to get comfortable with the unknown and accept reasonable risk. Our fear of uncertainty can cause us to reject new ideas just because they are new.

Thanks in advance for all our Padmashree Dr.Kamal Haasan's Innovative Viswaroopam DTH ( Leadership Stage ) Concept Supporters :)

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy BTech,MBA,MBL,SAP,PMP,PH.D Mime Theatre,                  PH.D in QREM .Education Policy and Leadership
Leadership Stage - Kalaanantarupah Group 

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