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Leadership Stage News- Hangout with Mr. P. Chidambaram, Finance Minister ,India- For a chance to question him in the form of a video please contact us:-


 In a first for the Indian government, finance minister P. Chidambaram will take to Google+ Hangouts ( to respond to citizens’ questions on the Union budget on 4 March at 8pm local time, four days after the budget announcement on 28 February.

Chidambaram will turn to Google+ to respond to questions pertaining to the budget and also discuss the state of the Indian economy with a panel of industry leaders as well as citizens.

The panelists include 
Jahangir Aziz, senior Asia economist and India chief economist, J.P.Morgan India Pvt. LtdAnand Mahindra, chairman and managing director of Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd and Amit Singhal, senior vice-president, Google Inc. During the conversation, selected participants will ask the minister questions.

What would you like to ask Mr. P. Chidambaram a question  in the form of a video or as a comment about the Budget? 

For a chance to hear him answer on air, leave your question in the comments  at the 
the Google India +Page at 


InConversation YouTube channel (, 
using the hashtag #askthefm,   and be sure to tune in on Monday!

For a chance to question him in the form of a video please contact us:-  

( Only for Bangaloreans - we'll take care of the video recording+ publishing and for others cities we guide) 

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy BTech,MBA ( Finance),MBL,SAP,PMP,PH.D in Mime Theatre, Ph.d in QREM Education Policy and Leadership
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Leadership Stage News A million-dollar prize for Delhi slum education project -TED organizers announced Today that they have awarded the $1-million TED Prize for 2013 to Dr. Sugata Mitra.

Leadership Stage News

A million-dollar prize for Delhi slum education project

TED organizers announced Today that they have awarded the $1-million TED Prize for 2013 to Dr. Sugata Mitra.

Mitra is a physicist from India who over the last decade has been experimenting with using technology to create new systems to allow children without access to classrooms to learn on their own. 

PHOTOS: 10 tech companies to watch in 2013

Mitra began his work with what he called a "hole in the wall" experiment. Mitra was trying to figure out how he could use technology to help children in a nearby Delhi slum. So he carved a hole in an outside wall of his research center and placed a computer in it. Over time, he observed as Indian children from the slum with no English skills and no computer skills taught themselves how to use the computer.

This led Mitra over the next decade to create a "school in the cloud." He installs a single computer in low-income communities and hooks them into high-speed networks. Then he recruits retired school teachers to offer lessons via Skype. 

Rather than teaching for a whole day, the teachers give the students lessons or challenges that they then work together to complete or solve. In essence, the goal is to find ways to allow the children to become their own teachers, a concept that Mitra calls SOLEs or Self Organized Learning Environments.

"You can do it in the school," Mitra said. "You can do it at home. You need to give them one question so they can gather around the question. Then you stand back and watch. And you always see fantastic things."

The prize money will allow Mitra to broaden the reach of the program. He also plans to set up an innovation lab in India to continue to experiment with the system. And he also wants to create better methods for collecting data from people using the approach to understand what is, and is not, working. 

"If we can do this, we can level the playing field for learning around the world," he said.

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy Btech,MBA,MBL,SAP,PMP,Ph.d in Mime-Theatre,  Phd In QREM Education Policy and Leadership
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Leadership Stage News Channel :- We are looking for anchors, reporter, cameraman,php developer, editor, media space selling executive

Leadership Stage News Channel

We are looking for 
1.Anchors - Male/Female - 0 to 2 yrs of exp
2. Reporter- Male/Female - 0 to 2 yrs of exp
3. Cameraman /Asst.Cameraman - 0 to 2 yrs of exp
4. PHP Developer - 1+yr of exp
5. Executive - Public Relations - 2+yrs of exp
6. Video Editor - 1+yr of exp
7. News Editor - 1+yr of exp
8. Executive-Media Space Selling - 0 to 2 yrs of exp

Must be open minded and ready to travel as per the assignments.

Candidates who are interested in freelancing can also apply.

Interested candidates can send their updated CV along with their latest Photo and below mentioned details.

Current Company
Total Experience
Current Salary
Total experience as an Anchor
Would you like to apply for full time or freelancing

Email id :-

This Opportunity extends to your friends and Colleagues who have the passion, skill and potential to WIN as a excelling position.

Urgent Requirement- HP Load runner- 5+yrs of exp- Singapore

Urgent requirement:-
Position:- HP Load Runner 
Location:- Singapore 
Mandatory Skill : Performance Testing, Load Runner

Below are the details:
Identification, Analysis of Performance Testing Requirements, critical success factors, Performance test strategizing

* Working experience in Performance, Load, and Stress testing
Performance testing expertise in Sap system/application, J2EE Technology, IBM WebSphere, Database, Linux, Unix environments

* Extensive experience in HP Performance center

* Performance script development, execution, results analysis and defect reporting 

* Identify the performance characteristics and sensitivities of components and application solutions

* Support certification of application releases through normal change processes, as well as emergency processes 

* Strong communication, assertiveness, analytical skills

* Testing Tools: HP Performance center/ Load runner

* Environments: J2EE Technology, IBM Websphere, Database, Linux, Unix environments

Experience level: 
Performance Test Analyst/Lead/Test Architect 5+ years

please send across your updated profile in word format with your contact details to

The opportunity extends to your friends and Colleagues 
who have the skill and potential to WIN as a excelling position.

We look forward to hearing from you at the earliest. 

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy's "Leadership Stage Photography" Event Details:- "KUMARA SAMBHAVAM"-Dance Drama Date:- 25/02/2013 Time:- 7.30pm Venue:- Ravindra Kalakshetra,JC Road,Bangalore

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We are looking for Male / female anchors for Our Leadership Stage News Channel and Promos.

We are looking for Male / female anchors for Our Leadership Stage News Channel and Promos.

Candidates who are interested in freelancing can also apply.

Language: - English, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Japanese, French, Chinese

Experience -0 to 2 Years

Must be open minded and ready to travel as per the assignments.

Interested candidates can send their updated CV along with their latest Photo and below mentioned details.

Current Company
Total Experience
Current Salary
Total experience as an Anchor
Would you like to apply for full time or freelancing

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Ohio State University Alumni meet in Bangalore on Feb 18th 2013

The Ohio State University Alumni meet in Bangalore on Feb 18th 2013

Here is a picture of the Attendees with the name in the order of appearance ( from Left to Right)

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy, Director,Leadership Stage - KalaAnantarupah Group Ph.D In Mime & Theatre –Ph.d In Quantitative,Research,Evaluation and Measurement-Education Policy and Leadership

Dr. Joseph Fiksel, Director of the Center for Resilience at Ohio State’s College of Engineering

Mrs..Joseph Fiksel

Anup Nair -Management Consulting-Accenture-Master in Management

Dinesh Damodran,Sr.Project Manager,JDA Software India Pvt.Ltd –ME & PHD Industrial Engineering

Ratnesh Bhattacharya,Director of the Ohio State India Gateway

Srinivas,Microprocessor Architect,Intel-Master in Engineering (Computer Science)

Thanks for your time and support.

Please keep in touch - /

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy BTech,MBA,MBL,SAP,PMP,PH.D
Leadership Stage-Kalaanantarupah Group

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Legal Ethics and Responsibility In Leadership Stage

It’s not uncommon to find a big difference between what’s legal and what’s right in leadership stage.Our preoccupation with “what’s legal” ensures more legal problems. If we paid more attention to what’s right, we would take our relationships between the leaders to a new level. And it’s all about relationships. 

Legal is about what I can get away with. Ethics is about what is right. 

Legal requires less thought than ethics. It's easy to shrug off responsibility when I can simply point to a law, a policy, or a rule. “I’m sorry. What can I do?” 

Legal is about me. Ethics is about you. 

Ethics requires that you take responsibility for outcomes. Ethics says, “I care what happens to you.” A legal approach simply responds with, “Read the contract. It’s all there.” 

Too many organizations base their actions on the answer to the question, “Is it legal?” or “Are we protected?” As a result they often end up on the defensive and consequently and unnecessarily spend excessive amounts of money on public relations, branding, and customer service. If they changed the question to “Is this right?” or “Is this how we would want to be treated?” they would find they have to rely less on what is legal and as a result create better relations with all stakeholders. 

But it’s not faceless organizations that are to blame. It’s individuals in a culture that is preoccupied with “what can I get?” Organizational cultures that ask employees to make everyday decisions based on expediency, one-sided considerations, and policies and procedures designed to protect rather than facilitate, are going to miss the mark. Regardless of contracts, policies and procedures, people want to feel like they are being treated fairly. “Is-it-legal?” thinking just isn't going to get you there. An ethical culture is one that thinks differently. It asks, “What is the right thing to do in this situation?” Ultimately, it is an organizational and individual leadership problem. Anyone in an organization can stop and ask themselves, “Is this right? Is it fair? Is it just?” and respond accordingly. 

Whenever they implemented Leadership Stage concept in there organization Legal departments should become ethics departments that place the emphasis on doing what is right; advise based on higher values; leaders that place more emphasis on the upside rather than on the downside of an action or decision. How-does-this-help rather than what-is-the-worst-that-can-happen-to-us if we just do what we want? Might doesn't make right. It makes animosity, distrust, and isolation. 

Of course we need some laws, rules and procedures, but they must be applied ethically. We will always be confronted with legal challenges, but if our responsible response is focused on what is right and not on what we can get away with, we will become better organization and leaders.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Looking for wordpress whiz 1 to 1.5yrs of exp-Bangalore

One of our bangalore based 2 year young startup, teeming with youthful energy ideas and productive geekiness. We are looking for wordpress whiz to work with us for the next big thing! Here are our requirements.

Skills Required

* Should be eating and breathing wordpress for 1 -1.5 years.

* Drupal and Joomla is a bonus!

*Experience in custom Wordpress theming & custom plugin development. Proficient in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, JQuery.

*Good Object Oriented Programming Concept.

*Quick learning ability and be passionate about programming.

*Extending the functionality of an existing theme to build functionalities.

* Optimizing the code and architecture to ensure the Performance & Scalability.

Get in touch with us at

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The Art of Letter Writing by Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy

How To Teach Your Children 

After so many years i start writing a letter to my dear ones  . Iam a good writer earlier. Now iam not able to write continuously. It seems that letter writing has gone out of style? I am amazingly adept at using the computer, surfing the Internet, and communicating with friends via email and text messaging, but may be we are losing something important in all this easy reliance on electronic communications.

It is important for children to also learn the art of letter writing, or communicating through handwritten notes. A thank-you card in response to a gift or written letter to a favorite relative can be more appropriate, and much more appreciated, than sending a quick email or text message. Teaching children how to write a short letter or thank-you note to doting relatives will give them a valuable skill they can use throughout their lives.

     Introduce letter writing early even before your children learn to read and write, then can dictate a thank-you note for a birthday,festival or celebration gift.Give them the opportunity to choose a picture of themselves to include the letter, and then have them seal the envelope and apply the stamp and a return address sticker.

       As your children begin to read and write, help them choose a collection of colorful stationery: preprinted thank-you notes, birthday and holiday cards, postcards, and letter writing paper with matching envelopes are great incentives. You may also want to supply them with a variety of colorful postage stamps

          Encourage them to take charge of their letter writing.Supply them with an address book-a big one with plenty of room to write is good for small hands. If you can't find an appropriate Address book,help them make one using a three-ring binder and blank paper. Help them make a birthday and holiday card list of their friends and relatives, and then keep track of special days to make sure they send cards and letters in time.

                       Teach your children the specific demands of proper letter writing. Have them get into the habit of using return addresses and dates at the top of their letters ("So your grandma can write you back" and "So your aunt will know when you wrote the letter"). It's also a good idea for them to make a copy of their note or letter before they send it; it's easy enough if you have a combination printer/ scanner/ photocopier for your computer, and they'll be able to refer back to their letter if and when they receive a reply.

                    Encourage your family members, who are probably also in the bait of emailing or text messaging, to write letters back to your children.( A Gift of stationery and postage stamps might help them a nudge)     

             Help your children preserve the results of their letter writing efforts. Provide a decorative  file or box for your children to keep copies of their own letters and any mail they receive. Years in the future, they will have a personal history of events and connections in their lives, well documented by their childhood correspondence.

           Your children will reap future rewards from their new habit of writing letters and thank-you notes. Writing a thank-you to a classmate for a birthday present can translate into a thank-you to a prospective employer for a job interview a dozen years from now. As they learn letter-writing etiquette, they also learn good manners and consideration of other people, and those character traits can only benefit your children as they become responsible, caring adults.

·         Be sure to model letter writing by using written correspondence yourself. If you are writing to someone your children know, ask them if they want to send along a message themselves.

               Use your own and your children's correspondence to develop your family history. Your children might find it interesting to hear what their grandparents and other adults in their lives experienced at the same age. By asking questions of family members in their letters. they will receive a wealth of information in return-information they may not appreciate now, but that will end of meaning a lot to them twenty years from now.

       You rush all day and you are supposed to have already published your manuscript that is sitting stacked on your desk. How can you make time to write when you barely have time to breathe?

         1.  The way to find time to write is to write all day-literally. With 

                           a pen and paper in your purse, briefcase or at your desk at 

                           work,you have all you need.

        2. When an idea comes to mind,jot it down. Write notes, collect 
            quotes,write your thoughts and feelings. Do this all throughout    
            the  day, Monday thru Friday

3. On Saturday or Sunday ( or a day when you have extra time) transpose all of your notes throughout the week to a full document ( either on a computer or in a note pad)

4. All of your efforts will add up.You will also find that a note you 

    wrote on Tuesday will spark another idea, perhaps and entire 

    page of ideas.Keep doing this everyday

     5. After a year( if you write a page a day) you'll have enough 
        pages to create publishable manuscript!

      If you can't write throughout the day for whatever reason, write right·before you go to be in a journal. 

     Don't put off writing even one day.If you pass one day, it will be easy to pass another and an entire week of writing,