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Chief Executive Officer-FMCG- 15+yrs - Dubai,Chennai ( 2 Openings)- Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy's Leadership Stage QREM 'X' Think Tanks Dream

Chief Executive Officer-FMCG- 15+yrs - Dubai,Chennai ( 2 Openings)- Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy's Leadership Stage QREM 'X' Think Tanks Dream 
Package :- 1866700 AED + Benefits / Annum 
                :- 2,30,00,000 INR + Benefits / Annum
Location :- Dubai,Chennai

The client is an established and successful, growing company from within the B2B & FMCG Consumer market place. They are a leading supplier of premium branded products. Customers include large retailers in the overseas and many other store chains, wholesalers, independent retailers and e-retailers both in the India and Internationally. They also sell to a range of mail order companies, shopping channels and retailers on a direct dispatch to consumer basis.

They produce and sell branded products for retailing and gifting under exclusive license, and designs and produces brands for large retailers in the India and Internationally. 

* The senior management team has considered the future needs of the business. With the business rapidly increasing in diversity,complexity and size, they have identified the need for a top class business person to focus solely on managing the affairs of the
 group, and on shaping and implementing the vision of the founders of the business;

* The CEO will be expected to act as a central point of commercial wisdom and good judgement in guiding the organisation through week-to-week events and opportunities to ensure they make the right choices and implement them well;

* As well as managing current events, they are looking for someone who can implement a step change and shape them into an organisation with a robust structure capable of operating effectively for the long term and with a large degree of independence from the founders of the business;

* The CEO will need to win the trust of the shareholders and the respect of the rest of the organisation to be able to act with the necessary authority to influence and lead the shareholders;

* Take a leadership role in dealing any with ineffective or ill-defined areas of operation;

* Guide and assist the shareholders in evaluating issues and opportunities;

* Manage and support senior staff to achieve projects and objectives and provide customer facing support where necessary;

* Take ownership of the company’s agenda and ensure successful implementation of strategy and projects.

Duties & Experience

* Draw on the vision of the shareholders on a continual basis and build ideas into the strategy, agenda and policies of the business and build close relationships with shareholders;

* Updating of business plan and communication of plan to shareholders and senior managers;

* Develop an organisational structure capable of meeting the longer term requirements of the business;

* Understand longer term aims of shareholders including succession planning where shareholders wish to become less active in work;

* Reduce reliance on key personnel and implement appropriate reporting lines and management throughout the company;

* Ensure that the company has the appropriately experienced and able people in all functions;

* Provide leadership to the management team and a growing organisation and ensure good communication throughout the company, at board level and below, utilising to the full everyone’s abilities and inputs;

* Lead periodic meetings of the management team to examine progress on the company’s agenda and discuss development of that agenda;

* Development of export markets and category management for customers including expansion of brand portfolio and direct to consumer web trading through internet channels and a number of own branded websites.

The Candidate

* Background in FMCG selling directly to retailers;

* Likely to have been Managing Director, or COO of a sizeable business;

* May have had equivalent position in a large privately owner led business;

* Understands international business & e-commerce;

* Experience of commissioning manufacturing would be useful;

* Strong intellect, good at detail, dynamic and energetic;

* Confident and comfortable to manage at all levels;

* Able to work between the lines;

* Creative thinker, not rigid in his/her thinking & should not impose his/her solution.


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The opportunity extends to your friends and Colleagues who have the skill and potential to WIN as a excelling position. 

We look forward to hearing from you at the earliest. 

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy B.Tech,MBA,MBL, PGDHRL,PGDCRL ,PGDIPRL,Phd In Mime Theatre,PH.d In QREM Education Policy and Leadership ,SAP, PMP,IJCTC, CPRW, CPCC,CEIP,Certified Master Coach 
Leadership Stage - Kalaanantarupah Group 


Leadership Stage Job Plus!!!!!!


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