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Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy's Leadership Stage Human Resource Industry Leader Talk - Campus to Corporate Bridge

Leadership Stage Human Resource Industry Leader Talk - Campus to Corporate Bridge - Version 1.1
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A lot has been said about the gap in academics and corporate. Everyone talks about the existence of gap but hardly any efforts are made in bridging the gap.  As a leader in the field of learning and development, I have designed many new joinee assimilation programs that give them hands on experience of the role for which they have been selected. Most of these programs last anywhere between 3 to 6 months, which a way too much loss of valuable resources, instead why not initiate the acclimatization program as a part of the curriculum. The industry experts can give inputs to make the courses more relevant to role requirements. Give opportunities for internship, engage in guest lectures, invite the faculty to study the current industry requirements so that they can go back and prepare the students for the same.

Hiring fresher's is a challenge as there is hardly any data to showcase their expertise other than the academic achievements. This can be very misleading as academic achievement alone does not guarantee job success. Attitude matters more than the academic success. And developing the right attitude is a long drawn process unlike developing a skill. It requires behavioral change, which is best if initiated early. Can the industry leaders partner with the academia to initiate cultivation of these winning behavioral traits.

All youngsters are brilliant, they have sharp minds, all that is need is a right direction and guidance to unleash their potential. Can we create an ecosystem where these youngsters thrive much before they are absorbed in the demanding corporate whirlpool which consumes them leaving little time to adapt, develop and grow?

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