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Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy's Leadership Stage Human Resource Industry Leader Talk - 5 Tips To Landing Your Dream Career

Leadership Stage Human Resource Industry Leader Talk - 5 Tips To Landing Your Dream Career
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Everyone of us has a dream job in a dream organization. How do you lad this dream job? Is there a proven formula to lad your dream job? Yes there is. The following 5 tips will point you in the right direction.

1.       Know your target ecosystem -- the kind of organization which is your "dream organization and the kind of job which is your "dream Job". Identify the organizations.

2.       Network -- make a list of all your contacts in your dream organization, network with them. Use LinkedIn, Facebook or any other online networking community. Tweet. Share your Ideas, seek opinions, feedback. Express your ideas, give opinions and feed backs.

3.       Acculturize  -- Proactively get to know the culture of your dream organization. Learn, unlearn and relearn to align yourself to your dream organization's culture.  Know what is expected, know the way of life and way of work.

4.       Marketing plan -- your are your own best marketing manager. Make a  strategy, make a campaign, make a collateral. Think of your USP, talk about it. Be googlable. Leave your digital footprint. Blog, let your ideas be heard, invite discussions. Make a video. Talk about your views. Reach out to all those who matter.

5.       Actionize -- A plan is good only when it is implemented and yields results. Test you plan. Get into action. Mail your videos resumes, share links with key influences of your ecosystem.

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Good luck with your "Dream Job Project".

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Since 1998, The Leadership Stage Group has helped professionals achieve their career goals. Our programs are intense, personal and highly effective. We possess an unwavering commitment to providing dream career management and executive coaching services that accomplish the unique goals of the clients we serve.

For those who take the search seriously enough to engage a team of experts, we are a fee-based  Executive Dream Career Placement and Executive Dream Career Management Firm. We are not recruiters. Recruiters do not work for the job seeker who is seeking a position. Recruiters work for the company filling job orders. They do not analyze the specific needs and goals of the individual or utilize proven multiple methodologies that will help you get a better job faster.

Q. Why should I consider investing in my Leadership Stage Dream Career Planning and Management ?
A (Dr.T) - People seriously invest in their homes, automobiles, education and retirement. However, most take a haphazard approach to dream career planning and management. Your dream career is your most worthwhile investment. The time and money you invest in your dream career now will return more to you than all other investments made in your lifetime.

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