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Chief Executive Officer - Retail - Financial Services- 15+Yrs of exp - India (Bangalore,Mumbai ),UAE (Dubai),USA (NY,CT,AZ,CA,MA),Canada,Singapore - 11 Openings with different companies - Salary- $385K+ per Annum +Benefits - Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy's Leadership Stage QREM / Meme Executive Dream Career Placement and Executive Dream Career Management Firm

Chief Executive Officer - Retail - Financial Services- 15+Yrs of exp - India (Bangalore,Mumbai ),UAE (Dubai),USA (NY,CT,AZ,CA,MA),Canada,Singapore - 11 Openings with different companies - Salary- $385K+ per Annum +Benefits - Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy's Leadership Stage QREM / Meme Executive Dream Career Placement and Executive Dream Career Management Firm

Job Summary:
The CEO of the largest MNC for the Retail - Financial Services industry, the chief executive must seek to increase consumer confidence in the industry and maximize the value of its membership. The CEO is accountable to the Board for the Association’s staff, office management, and the day-to-day operations of the Association; developing in conjunction with the Board a strategic plan for the organization; management of the Association within the overall limits defined by the Association’s mission and strategic plans as approved by the Board of Directors; and management of the Association within the annual operating budget as approved by the Executive Committee.

Reports to:Board of Directors

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

• Ensure that the strategic vision for the organization is defined, developed, and executed: establishes a strategic planning process that meets the needs of the membership; enacts the strategic plan within budgetary constraints; manages the organizational strategy in conjunction with the Board; attracts, develops, and retains the talent necessary to execute the organizational strategy; grows sources of operating income, maintains personal and professional integrity

• Ensure that the needs of organizational stakeholders are prioritized and managed:represents the organization’s interests to non-member constituencies; balances the budget and returns good value for the investment while remaining within spending guidelines; provides oversight of investment performance, which is managed by outside investors

• Ensures that all major processes are developed and run efficiently and effectively: in conjunction with the board chair, establishes, maintains and updates board governance; effectively oversees the budget process; efficiently manages oversight of the endowment with appropriate investment returns over time; manages fund raising practices in a way to ensure sufficient funds for lobbying and other purposes

• Ensures that members are provided with value: membership numbers and revenues meet targets; membership satisfaction with company programs and practices; monitor and strive to reduce attrition rates due to association actions; gather survey data for membership satisfaction; track enrollment statistics in various benefit programs offered

• Ensure that retailer and consumer interests are represented in social, environmental, political, and ethical decisions: looks to the future and anticipates potential issues so that the organization and its Board are prepared to handle them; acts as the external face of the organization and maintains its reputation in the industry; serves as an industry representative in government affairs: balances representation of retailer’s interest on outside boards with responsibilities as a Board member; establishes and maintains relationships with key stakeholders

• Other duties as the Board of Directors of the Association may, from time to time, direct

Essential Requirements and Experience

• Consensus Building: The ability to promote cooperation, collaboration, and partnerships between individuals or groups, both inside and outside the organization; builds and maintains trusting relationships with individuals and teams to improve organizational effectiveness

• Strategic Leadership: The ability to create and structure an environment in line with the organization’s values; gains others’ support, commitment, or action toward the organization’s goals

• Strategic Thinking: The ability to adopt a long-term systems view of an organization’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as external trends/risks to assess positioning and make decisions that maximize performance

• Collaboration and Teamwork: The ability to serve as a leader while maintaining relationships which allow for productive disagreement and debate

• Communication Skills: The ability to communicate effectively, persuasively and appropriately in oral and written form, by understanding the audience’s needs, subject matter content and urgency, and assorted media with which to share information

• Results Orientation: The ability to focus on short- and long-term outcomes and ensure that the strategic goals determined and set forth for the organization are met

• Careful Listening: The ability to pay full attention to a speaker, ask appropriate clarifying questions, and respond appropriately to what has been said; reads “between the lines” and makes inferences based on tone of voice and body language cues

• Ethics and Transparency: The ability to understand and uphold the highest degree of ethical standards and maintain the integrity of the organization

• Analytical Thinking: The ability to see the “big picture” in complex situations by linking information or by considering an abstract or longer-term perspective; breaks down a problem, situation or process into its component parts, understands the nature of those parts and their relationship to one another; makes decisions in situations of uncertainty or risk

• Operational leadership: The ability to demonstrate hands-on leadership, pay attention to detail, and have a good command of operating activities

• Resourcefulness: The ability to identify opportunities to use resources that are already available or that are easy/inexpensive to obtain; consider the surrounding environment before making costly decisions; use imagination and creativity to navigate difficult situations

• Coaching and Developing Others: The ability to help others increase capabilities, maximize potential, and recognize options

• 15+ Yrs of Leadership experience or similar

Beneficial Skills and Experience
• Track record of building consensus among teams
• Effective interactions with a Board of Directors
• Proven ability to satisfy stakeholders across a broad spectrum of 
   backgrounds and needs
• Successfully managed the competing needs of diverse constituencies
• Excellent project management skills
• Executive-level writing and analytical skills
• Experience in a global environment
• Public speaking/media experience

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